Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dear Mooresville

To Whom This May Concern:

   We live in strange times. Our small town is swelling, and evolving into a city. While economic growth is associated with progress, it also brings new issues.
   Typically in a smaller community, most folks know each other, whether it's through mutual acquaintances or a direct connection. As a community grows, these connections become strained, and we are no longer able to maintain close relationships with our neighbors that we once had. What was a community then becomes a loose association of individuals, that just so happen to live in the same place. It is at this time that a community that was once united, begins to divide itself into smaller groups. These smaller groups are no longer concerned with the community as whole. Their concern now rests within the confines of the sub group that has been created. 
    Neighborhoods are a great example of these sub groups. More often than not people who dwell in the same area have many things in common. What they have in common can be anything, but the most prevalent factor is economic status. Generally speaking, Individuals who are living in the same area, are earning close to the same amount of money, and maintaining the same "quality of life." Individuals no longer have to interact with anyone that does not share their beliefs, or standard of living. Now that we have these neighborhoods, in this city, what happens?
   I'm going to put this frankly. The people that one would call upper class, or dare I say, wealthy, no longer have to interact with those that are economically "below" them. When most privileged members of society are forced stare poverty in the face their reaction can easily be predicted.
  One reaction, probably the most customary, is to ignore it. Ignoring poverty almost seems to be a national pastime. It's as if pretending low income neighborhoods ruled by slumlords do not exist, they will somehow disappear. Another popular reaction of the upper class is the criticism and ridicule of those less fortunate than themselves. "Poor people are just lazy, they just need to stop being poor." For those of you who take this approach,. I challenge you to attempt the following: Cut your budget down to the average monthly earnings of an individual considered on, or below the poverty line. Better yet, take a job in the service industry. Maybe you could see just how "lazy" the working class is. 
   At some point, privileged community members get tired of ignoring the problem and criticizing the working class, gets boring. This is when the wealthy use their financial influence to pass legislation that will slowly, but surely displace impoverished people. To put it bluntly, those with political influence will go to great lengths to remove the undesirables.
   So, how exactly do affluent people and elected officials execute such a scheme? When approaching this question, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first thing we must come to understand is that, this is a collaborative effort. Elected officials rarely act without influence, and influence is created by the affluent. I believe the artist Coolio said it best, "Power in the money, money in the power. Minute after minute, hour after hour."
   The next thing we need to remember is that these matters are handled tactfully. You won't see anything happen over night, it is more than likely that most people won't know whats happening until it's too late. It usually begins with something seemingly harmless such as a law passed to "protect property values." Like Mooresville's new law pertaining to the construction of mobile homes, which most people would consider to be low income housing. It is no longer permissible to construct or move a mobile home withing the city limits of Mooresville. 
    It is time to face the facts, our town is changing, and change is good. However, when change only benefits the upper class it can be defined by one word, gentrification. Gentrification is the process of improving old neighborhoods in order to attract wealthy people to an area.
   In other words, slum lords will start fixing up low income areas, then they'll raise the rent/cost of living in order to get low income families to leave.  OR wealthy corporations will buy the property from the slum lord for a price well above the properties current value. Then our corporate friends will evict the families living in the area, and then tear down any evidence that the area was once an affordable place to live. Finally, they'll build overly expensive condos and high rise apartments that only a select demographic of economically privileged individuals can afford.
   We have come to a turning point. We as a community can choose to lay down and let our elected official's and their wealthy business interests to evict the working class, and their families. Or we can stand together to defend the rights of those who keep this town running; the factory workers, folks in food service, construction workers, retail salespeople, local business owners, the single mothers/fathers, and their families. We need to stand up and use our voices to defend the people that our community depends on. Don't let the wealthy destroy the beautiful community that the working class created.

-Jane Doe

P.S. If you're interested in meeting other members of the community to share
 ideas, a community pot-luck will be held on Saturday, May 10th at Liberty Park.
Festivities begin at 2pm, there will be live music following the feast and discussion.
Bring some food to share, a bowl and a fork (to reduce the waste caused by disposable plates and cutlery).  All are welcome!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thoughts race like wind, through changing leaves.
Words ring out, though rarely seen.
A mind goes numb, with static screams.
Rest and comfort, are stagnant dreams.

Eternal was the thought, you see.
But all the while, you tore the seam.
Nothing whispered, goes unspoken.
Even echos, can leave men broken.

So Ramble on, in ignorance.
Love and light, a serpent's hiss.
Ride the wave of cosmic bliss.
Some will choose not to forget.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The End Of Zee World

   I haven't written in a while. Maybe because I haven't had much time to think. I've been living in the valley that is Las Vegas, sin city. Where the alcohol flows like water, and everybody is somebody. Where you can have a beautiful young woman on your arm with a single phone call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
   Though it sounds like a yuppie wasteland, it is also beautiful. On the outskirts of the city, you can see what this place probably looked like before the cat houses and commotion. A dusty desert plane, leading up to the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It's usually sunny and breezy here, the fall was mild. However I'm looking forward to my trip to NC in 2 days. I'm visiting friends and family for Christmas and New Years.
   Many people are critical of this season, some say it's overly commercialized (which is true). I love the season none the less. People in general seem to be in good spirits. People decorate their homes with lights, I'm quite fond of that. I honestly wish that Christmas was all year long. The motto of peace and goodwill, shouldn't apply only to one month out of the year.
    As the year comes to a close the infamous end of the world date draws near. I've heard and researched the various theories about this date. They're all very interesting and well thought (for the most part). Do I THINK that a hidden planet is going to hit us? No. Do I think the Dr. Evil society (illuminati) is going to begin its New World Order? No. Maybe the new age folks are right and we'll have an idealistic renaissance and every one will dance, smoke weed and be one with everything. As nice as that sounds, I'm doubting it, though it would be refreshing. All this being said, I have no idea what will happen. I'm not a fucking psychic. However, I do like the term "the end of the world as we know it."
   My entire life many people have told me that MONEY makes the WORLD go round. That wars are a part of human nature. Lets face it, the world is pretty fucked. We have preachers selling miracle water, and magic handkerchiefs on television(the worst part is that people are buying them). Governments are monitoring everything now. Everyone is convinced that there are terrorists in the middle east that have to die. Meanwhile folks are going hungry all over the world, I don't even want to get into Monsanto. I don't think you need an ancient calendar or text to tell you, somethings gotta give. If this is the world as we know it, I don't want it anymore.
   I'm praying for an end to it. An end to money and borders. An end to computers cell phones and gasoline. Sure, I might die because of some gun toting jack ass on an end of the world killing spree, but at least I'll see the end. An end to all the bullshit we've been subjected to our entire lives. The simulated life where you can control just about everything.
  End of the world as we know it? Bring it on, because I'm tired of the way the world works now.        

Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's so simple

I had no idea that everyone knew everything. Or at least they believe they do.

    People are interesting creatures. For some reason many of them have it all figured out. Between conspiracy theorists, politicians, and religious leaders, we as a race are under the impression that someone, other that ourselves has absolute knowledge of all things. The general population (of the united states at least) demonstrates this perfectly.
    The human race in general can be described in a single word, credulous. In this brief time of recorded history we have always followed those who lead. This is not because we necessarily believe in their cause, politics, or ideals. I believe it is because we, as a species, have lost faith in ourselves. To the point that when given the chance to choose between two evils, we will ultimately choose evil. When we could easily choose not to decide.
   Yes, I'm pissed off about the presidential election. No, I'm not voting. When I state things like that, people will often say, "Well then you don't have a right to complain about the way the country is run." If you share this opinion, fuck off. I have the right as a human being to make the decision to be aware of the illusion of choice. Just as you have the right to believe in a broken electoral system. Politicians won't solve your problems. No one knows how to fix the economy. No one will end the war, this country has been at war for most of my life. The troops are never coming home. It is impossible to win a war against terrorism. No candidate gives a damn about the poor or the middle class. Believe or not, the two are now one in the same. Though these statements have proven themselves over the past few years, voters have this idea that Marrock Obamny has all the answers.
   How many times will the people of world let themselves be fooled by these "leaders." How many unfulfilled promises will it take before the people ask why? To many people this is the most important question. Why don't politicians follow through with campaign promises? The answer is simple, politicians are liars.
   Why would you support a liar? Better yet, why would you vote? In reality you have the option to choose between two politicians (liars), who are nominated for election by other politicians (also liars). Voting is essentially gambling with your morals. You don't KNOW these people running, you assume from what you saw on television that these people share your values. Assuming, almost always makes an "ASS," out of "U" and "ME. That being said, how could we fix this electoral system?
    Well, we could try and vote for third party candidates (ineffective). We could complain to the government (very ineffective). So the only real option here would be, don't vote, and start making a difference through education, and direct action. There's no jobs in your community? Start a small business. The youth are apathetic and shooting dope? Start a community center. In other words, if you see needs, fill them yourself. Believe it or not, it is that simple. Don't wait for politicians to solve your problems.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A thought on the question of reality

    Why did carve my name into this old rocking chair? Perhaps to make this occasion more tangible, to immortalize the essence of this particular moment in my life. Whatever the reason, my initials will be eternally engraved in this chair, at a rustic coffee shop, in the hills of Virginia. The outdoor patio of this very establishment is a flawless setting for intellectual conversation and debate. Tables, and chairs, ashtrays, and good coffee. These are the only things needed to become a "post beat" poet, philosopher, and dare I say, scholar. For it is in this classic scene that I am distantly engaged in a conversation, on a subject that may, or may not be subjective: Reality.
   When discussing subjective reality, the parties involved usually take sides. Some will say reality is subjective, a matter of perception. Others will say it is objective, that there is a one true reality. We often find that such thoughts lead into a seemingly infinite cycle of conversation, that never seems to go anywhere. These thoughts of reality perplex the mind to a point of agreement between the debaters. This leads me to believe that the human mind is not designed to "debunk"  what reality actually is. We only have the capacity to be aware of it's potential existence. See what I did there? Essentially I said nothing, which is exactly the message I wish to express. No person could know the answer. Countless books have been  written on the subject. The only thing I'm certain of:

No one is getting out of here alive.    

Friday, July 27, 2012

Wake Up

    It is July 27th. A thunderstorm looming in the distance, I sit in the heat of a North Carolina afternoon. The wind blows strongly. Smoking cigarettes on a darkly stained deck, I start thinking about my hero's that have passed on, and their vision of the future. Of not only our country but the world as a whole. I let the idea simmer as I take a long drag. I contemplate the hero's of mine that are still alive. As most, they started with pure intentions, but through time, and compromise they have turned into the very thing that they were fighting in the first place. Coming from a young man in American society this thought could be taken as rather critical, or even pretentious. However it is the honest and uninhibited truth of what this society does to it's rebels and freaks, to those intelligent enough to realize what integrity really is.
    In the same light I visit my influences that have expired. Searching for reasons why it had to be this way. The musicians and artists, most of whom drank, and injected themselves to death, had decayed from prolonged exposure to a greedy and relentless machine some call "The Music Industry." In America, exploitation of those that are talented and unique is the name of the game. A country where any person, place, or thing can become a commodity so long as you put it on television.
    As I reflect on my favorite writers, activists, and philosophers, I noticed that many of these people were either assassinated, or had killed themselves as a result of having no faith left in humanity. That's another thought provoking aspect of America. If there is the slightest notion of a large scale alteration to our society, the "threat" is always discredited, demonized, or blatantly eliminated. I could endlessly list those who were assassinated for their beliefs in a more peaceful and beautiful world.
    I could also name many people who are condemned because of there intelligence. Lets face it, we're living in a society that worships celebrities, money, and decadence. At the center of the distraction that is American pop culture, is media. Everything, from television to the internet, your nightly news show, your morning paper, and even the advertising on your favorite social network. All of these are viewed as tools to perpetuate and manipulate the consumer culture that America has become. In the eyes of most Americans anyone that criticizes, questions, or searches for the meaning of this phenomena is either, uneducated, mentally ill, or our new favorite, a terrorist.
   It is most unfortunate that many people have the ability to change these things,but most people are consumed by the new American ideal. Those who believe they are apart of the new counter-culture (hipsters) are under the impression that the end of the world as we know it is at hand. As if some mystical force is going to come and solve all our problems for us. Almost as if they're waiting for some kind of savior to fix the mess that they so ignorantly believe they are not apart of. Many claim that they want to change so many things, but when they have an opportunity to carry out the things they've conversed about, they refuse to take action. It is my belief that many young people are terrified by the very idea of defying authority and acting out in civil disobedience. We have been conditioned to fear authority figures. The police only protect and serve those whose authority supersedes their own. They are nothing more than a violent street gang that does the dirty work for elected officials and prominent members of society. If Americans analyzed The Civil Rights Movement, Kent State, and the DNC of 1968, they would quickly draw the same conclusion. Nothing has changed, nothing will change, unless we as a generation, a movement, and a family take the necessary steps to make our world a better place.
                                         Wake Up

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Designer Drugs (K2 etc.), Version 2.0

By now, most people have heard about "legal" highs like K2. However the origin of these designer drugs are unknown. Lets have a recent history lesson.
  Where did this come from?
     "Herbal Incense" (as they are marketed) Started showing up online and in European head shops in 2004. By 2008 K2 was flying off the shelves. Shortly there after legal "herbs" were hitting our favorite head shops here in the states. For those of you that don't know, most "spices" as my friends and I, aren't herbs at all. They're actually a potpourri coated with a cr?hemical agent that mimics the high of the herb we all know and love, Cannabis.
The Chemicals:
     JWH-018 was the first of many chemicals known as synthetic cannabinoids. It was first synthesized in 1995 by J.W. Huffman PhD. Next came CP-47 and 497. All three of these chemicals have since been classified as schedule 1 substances by the DEA. In other words, illegal. I wouldn't worry about not being able to find spice at your local head shop, there is currently an estimated one million legal designer drugs on the market today.
Bath Salts:
    "Bath salts" is really slang for legal stimulants, which have been known to have addictive qualities. Originally thought to contain Mephadrone, (a chemical with effects much like MDMA) they actually contain MPDV. MPDV is a psychoactive stimulant that delivers nothing but negative effects (in my opinion) such as : kidney pain, dizziness, over-stimulation, breathing difficulty, severe paranoia, psychotic delusions, extreme anxiety/agitation, sometimes progressing to violent behavior , suicidal thoughts/actions, just to name a few. Now I love psychotic delusions just as much as the next guy, but not on top of paranoia. Sounds like a bad mix to me. 
  My designer experience:
    I'll admit, anything that comes from a lab, usually sketches me out. However I'll try almost anything (psychotropic) at least once. While spending time with a friend of mine in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, I had an opportunity to sample some of the new spices. After trying the first version of K2 a year prior I figured I'd give it a shot. After inhalation of the newest version of K2 I noticed how synthetic the high really was. Kind of like wrapping your brain in plastic wrap. It was not even close to a cannabis high, and much shorter. I'd say fifteen to twenty minutes at the most. The next spice I tried was very mild, almost no effect. Finally I tried a very new, and very potent brand. Using a one hitter, I tried "Zombie." The word potent doesn't quite do this new chemical justice. I'd call it, VERY INVASIVE. It was as if the chemical took over my mind. At first I felt very anxious, then a few minutes of  Déjà vu. Next I felt my head was empty. Like I had no thoughts or feelings. Visually there was nothing going on. However my mind felt as if it were in a void. Like all other spices, the high was only twenty minutes, so it wasn't the worst experience I've had, but wild none the less. 
Why does this matter?
    There so many legal psychoactive chemicals on the market. Not only that, but there are thousands being created right now. Currently we are going through a chemical revolution. Who knows what new chemical will come out tomorrow? Maybe an ultimate super drug, that takes the best of LSD, DMT and MDMA. Maybe we will discover the worlds greatest psychedelic, or maybe the most deadly. We'll just have to wait and see......